25.09.2022 European Day of Languages Fair
With the support of the European Commission, European Day of Languages Fair was held in Büyük Han on Saturday, September 24, 2022, from 11:00 to 13:00 to showcase the language richness of the European Union and to encourage multilingualism and language learning.

Speaking at the event, Virve Vimpari, Acting Head of Cooperation at the European Union Programme Support Office, emphasised that linguistic diversity in the European Union is a tool for achieving greater intercultural understanding. Vimpari stated that the EU's multilingualism policy encourages language learning, while promoting a multilingual economy and providing citizens with access to EU legislation.

Since 2001, every year on the occasion of the European Day of Languages on September 26, various activities are organised throughout Europe showcasing linguistic diversity and promoting multilingualism. At the event held in Büyük Han, Cyprus French Institute, Turkish Cypriot French Cultural Association, Embassy of the Czech Republic, Cyprus Bilingual Association, Turkish Cypriot German Cultural Association and Goethe-Institut Cyprus shared information about language learning opportunities and their cultures. The event also featured entertaining activities where children, young people and families was able to explore European cultures and languages.

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