The Public Space offers a broad range of materials in the library area, including latest EU-related publications and brochures which are available for the visitors to browse or to take home with them.

Internet and Working Space

The EU Infopoint Public Space offers 3 big-screen PCs and free high-speed internet access in a convenient and friendly atmosphere for visitors who would like detailed information or conduct research about the EU, its policies and other EU-related content through the web.


Located in an easily accessible area in the northern part of Nicosia, the EU Infopoint Public Space offers a wide range of services for the community to obtain information, assistance and answers to their inquiries about EU policies, programmes and funding opportunities under the EU Aid Programme for the Turkish Cypriot community.

Working Hours

The EU Infopoint Public Space is open for visitors from 10:00 to 18:00 on weekdays except holidays.