The EU Infopoint aims to bring the Turkish Cypriot community closer to the European Union by providing information on the EU legal and political order and the EU Aid Programme for the Turkish Cypriot community.

In doing so, the aim is to increase public knowledge, awareness, and understanding of the European Union, its values, policies and programmes.

The EU Infopoint provides services, which enables the Turkish Cypriot community to obtain information,

about EU priorities, values, legislation, policies, programmes and funding opportunities. The main communication is based on providing detailed information to Turkish Cypriots about EU related activities and policies directly having an impact on people’s daily lives and to allow the community to exchange views on such activities.

The EU Infopoint welcomes the general public, as well as civil society organizations, media, academia, schools, companies and the rural community members to visit the public space and to join the various events organised by the Infopoint.


The Team

Each member of the team has expertise in their areas and they are enthusiastic about providing all the necessary information requested by EU Infopoint visitors.


The EU Infopoint may oüer a wide range of activities including workshops, courses, panel discussions, children’s activities, debates, seminars, training sessions and cultural events to all community members, groups and organisations. The activities are organised to inform and raise awareness about the EU amongst the Turkish Cypriot community.


In line with EU priorities, the EU Infopoint organises roundtable discussions and debates with the participation of experts to raise awareness amongst participants about EU policies and how they are implemented throughout the EU.

Workshops and Trainings:

Organised by the EU Infopoint in cooperation with experts and facilitators, workshops and trainings aim to train the public on relevant EU policies and values.

Cultural events

The EU Infopoint also provides a venue for cultural activities which aim to showcase European talent in the form of art exhibitions and music performances etc. at the Infopoint and other venues.

Film Screenings:

To highlight films/documentaries that deal with European and global issues, values and priorities, the Infopoint organizes film screenings as part of specific events.


The EU Infopoint organises various art, photography, and writing competitions throughout the year focusing on EU themes, tailored to specific age groups.