01.02.2023 NEXT STOP EUROPE!
The European Commission supported the "NEXT STOP EUROPE" online event where information about travel and experience opportunities in Europe was discussed on Tuesday, 31 January 2023, via Zoom at 16:30.

Event Details

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In his opening remarks, European Commission, Cyprus Settlement Support Unit, Head of Cooperation Stefan Simosas, stated that the DiscoverEU program was launched in 2018 to promote train travel and a greener mode of transport, among young people. “The DiscoverEU program mainly involves traveling by rail, but those living on islands such as Cyprus also have the opportunity to benefit from this programme” said Mr Simosas.

Following the opening remarks, the online event continued with a presentation and information sharing by trainer and youth worker Maria Mavronicola who talked about the DiscoverEU programme and provided the audience all they need to know about applying from Cyprus. Eurail Business Manager, Tom Medici, talked about how to travel within and between 33 countries in Europe with Eurail. “Our goal is to empower travellers to go one stop further from what they already know, to dive deeper into any stop they come across and absorb the diversity Europe has to offer” said Mr. Medici. The Zoom event continued with experience sharing by EU scholar and influencer Ayşe Hacıarif. Ayşe travelled to Europe as an EU scholar and had the opportunity to discover the different cultures, types of art and food within Europe and she encouraged youth to benefit from these opportunities by saying "For personal and cultural development make sure you take advantage of the opportunities offered by the European Union where you can experience the richness and diversity of Europe."