27.05.2023 Europe Day 2023
Europe Day celebrated with the theme “United in Diversity”

Europe Day was celebrated at Zahra Street in Nicosia during an event held on Friday 26 May, with the support of the European Commission. The theme of the event “United in Diversity” underlines the European Union’s core values of peace and unity.

Joining the event with a video message from Brussels Judit Rozsa, Director of Resources, Coordination and Aid Programme in the Directorate-General for Structural Reform Support of the European Commission started her speech by stating how grateful she is to those who attended the Europe Day event, on May 6 which had to end due to heavy rain and hail. She also reiterated that it is more important than ever to stand united with each other as we face military conflict in the heart of Europe while also expressing the continued support of the EU to Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.

“We must never forget that Cyprus is a country that has also experienced conflict not so long ago. I once again confirm the commitment of the EU to the reunification of Cyprus, which will bring lasting peace and prosperity and extend the benefits of full EU membership to all its citizens,” said Ms. Rozsa.

“The EU Aid programme aims to ensure the economic development of the Turkish Cypriot community and to improve the daily lives of Turkish Cypriots. It seeks to bring the two Cypriot communities closer together through confidence-building measures, and to introduce EU standards to prepare for reunification. Since 2006, the EU has allocated 656 million Euro to this programme,” she added.

The 9th of May is celebrated as Europe Day, marking the adoption of the Schuman Declaration in 1950. Robert Schuman’s idea for a new form of political cooperation in Europe would make war between Europe's nations unthinkable. This was the beginning of the European Union.

Participants were also reminded that this year is the “European Year of Skills.” Helping people get the right skills for quality jobs and helping companies address skills shortages in the EU is what this Year is all about.

The “LBO Kids and Polyphonic Youth Choir” gave a mini concert, while Studio 21cc boosted the energy of the event with their dance performance. İzel Seylani with his Karagöz Hacivat Shadow Play and DJ Çoşkuner also took the stage. The Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage, organised virtual reality tours of cultural heritage sites, implemented by UNDP and a prize draw took place for those people who participated in the cultural heritage treasure hunt.

The event also included a variety of creative activities for children and families. Participants had the chance to find out more about Europe from the stands of EU Member States. EU funded projects as well as civil society and private sector organisations, including those who are active in Green Line Trade, also interacted with the public and provided information.