20.11.2023 EU Digital Heads
Human Library Event

How about listening to the real owners of successful digital business ideas in the Turkish Cypriot community instead of reading books this time?

The event will take place on Monday, 27 November 2023 between 17:00-19:00 at Rustem Bookstore in Nicosia.

Our event will be conducted inTurkish language.

Ayşe Aydındoğmuş, Şirin Özkaynak

Gelsin will help improve the quality of life of the elderly by meeting their physical and social needs by providing them with qualified, trustable and vetted helpers through an easily accessible subscription based digitally enhanced service. In turn, Gelsin will create employment opportunities, especially for young job seekers and women.

Eyyup Kavalcı

The company helps businesses promote and market their products and services on social media. It offers partners solutions like social media management, content creation, meta ads, and corporate identity services.

Atakan Ergin, Şerife Sündü, Asrin Eker, Valeria Sevgi Apel

FlamyFish Studios is a game dev studio based in Cyprus. They develop games in their own unique, realistic, and stylistic way using Unreal Engine and Unity. Their goals are to grow, learn, get better, be known, and continue their journey successfully.
Their motto is: 'We develop our games with our hearts and passion!'"

Çağan Yiğit

The goal of this initiative is to contribute to the promotion of largely destroyed historical artifacts by using augmented reality technology, aiming to integrate them more effectively into tourism. Their approach is founded on bringing the traces of the past into the present, ensuring the preservation of the historical fabric and making it accessible to a broader audience.