EU Infopoint Newsletter April-May-June Issue 91

  • Europe Day 2023
  • City Garden Bicommunal Workshop
  • Transformative Leadership Workshop
  • Artificial Intelligence Workshop

Europe Day 2023 

Europe Day was celebrated on Friday, 26 May on Zahra Street in the old town of Nicosia, with the theme "United in Diversity," highlighting the EU's core values of peace and unity.
Judit Rozsa, Director of Resources, Coordination, and Aid Programme at the European Commission, expressed gratitude to attendees in a video message from Brussels. She affirmed the EU's commitment to the reunification ofCyprus and highlighted the EU Aid programme's objective of promoting economic development and improving the lives of Turkish Cypriots. The programme aims to bridge the gap between Cypriot communities and prepare for reunification by implementing EU standards. 
The celebration also highlighted the European Year of Skills, focusing on providing individuals with quality job skills and addressing skills shortages in the EU.
The event featured performances by the "LBO Kids and Polyphonic Youth Choir" and Studio 21cc, as well as İzel Seylani's Karagöz Hacivat Shadow Play and DJ Çoşkuner's music. Virtual reality tours of cultural heritage sites and a prize draw added excitement to the event.
More than 3000 people took part in the event including children and families who enjoyed various activities, while stands representing EU Member States provided information about the EU. Organisations active in Green Line Trade; and others dealing with education, civil society, scholarships, food safety and rural development also showcased EU-funded projects and engaged with the public.

To view photos of the event, visit our Flickr page. 

City Garden Bicommunal Workshop

We are thrilled to share the concept of a CITY GARDEN – organised as a bicommunal workshop and held onSaturday, 25 March, at Nilüfer Park in Köşklüçiftlik, Nicosia. This engaging workshop, organised as part of the #EUGreenDeal initiative, aimed to raise awareness among children (aged 5+) and their families about the importance of urban gardens and their positive impact on the environment.
Under the guidance of talented
trainer, Christina Louca, the participants enjoyed hands-on activities, discussions, and practical demonstrations.
Children eagerly got their hands dirty as they planted flowers and herbs while gaining valuable gardening skills along the way. Families joined in on the activities, strengthening their bond while fostering a sense of responsibility towardsthe environment.
To view photos of the event, click here

Transformative Leadership Workshop

The Transformative Leadership workshop was held on Monday, 15 May at EU Infopoint with the support of the European Commission as part of the European Year of Skills. This workshop aligns with the European Commission's commitment to skills development and the goal of increasing adult participation in training. By equipping participants with valuable insights, the workshop aimed to prepare them for the challenges of the future and foster a productive work environment.
Led by Associate Professor Dr. Bilge Azgın, the workshop highlighted the importance of soft skills in leadership roles. Dr. Azgın emphasised that social skills like active listening, collaboration, and empathy are crucial for success in the modern workplace. 
To view photos from the workshop, click here
Artificial Intelligence Workshop

The Social Skills for Artificial Intelligence (AI) workshop was held on Saturday, 3 June at EU Infopoint with the support of the European Commission as part of the European Year of Skills.
The workshop highlighted the importance of soft skills for a thriving career in the digital future.

Participants had the opportunity to explore social skills in the context of AI through practical exercises. The trainers, Talip Karanfil and Steve Neufeld, highlighted how AI can enhance economic growth and improve various aspects of our lives, such as health, education, employment, and more.

To view photos from the workshop, click here.
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