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EU aid programme for the Turkish Cypriot community:

EU support for economic development


The European Commission has launched a tender for the “Construction of Facilities for an Animal By-Products Disposal System for the Turkish Cypriot community.”

This initiative is part of the EU’s Aid Programme for the Turkish Cypriot community – under its objective to promote social and economic development including restructuring, in particular concerning rural development, human resources development and regional development. 

The aim of the contract is the construction of a collection, transport and storage centre for the storage and treatment (incineration) of solid animal by-products in Nicosia and seven satellite collection and transfer points distributed across the northern part of Cyprus.

The main sources of solid animal by-products are farms (dead animals), slaughterhouse (animal by-products not intended or unfit for human consumption), butcher shops, supermarkets and meat processing plants.   

The safe management of animal by-products, initially for those that pose high risks for the public and animal health and the environment, is of paramount importance for the preservation of human and animal health and for the eradication of animal contagious diseases and zoonosis.

The deadline for the tender is 11h00 am (CET), on 6th October 2016

There will be an information session on 7th September 2016 at 9:30am Cyprus time at 38-44 Kyrenia Avenue, Nicosia, Cyprus. Interested stakeholders are invited to attend.

The full Guidelines for the tender are available for consultation and downloading on the following internet site under the reference EuropeAid/137926/DH/WKS/CY


Email address for the tender is:





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