09.10.2023 2023 Avrupa Diller Günü Fuarı
AB, Kıbrıs Türk toplumunun dil alanındaki entegrasyonunu güçlendirmek için çalışıyor.
AB, 2023 Avrupa Diller Günü çerçevesinde Kıbrıs Türk toplumunda uygulanan ve Kıbrıs'ın yeniden birleşme sürecine ve daha etkin bir entegrasyona önemli ölçüde katkı sağlayan iki programı tanıttı.
The EU Scholarship Programme provides the Turkish Cypriot community with broad education opportunities within the European Union, also within the specific domain of languages, while assisting the alumni with further professional development, bringing the Turkish Cypriot community closer to the European Union. Since 2007, more than 2,000 Turkish Cypriots have received scholarships to pursue their studies within the EU. Furthermore, the EU Linguistic Support Programme aims to develop capacity in translation and interpretation services in the Turkish Cypriot community and to foster bicommunal cooperation between Cypriot linguists. “For the European Union, languages are both a personal identity and a shared heritage, serving as a bridge to other peoples and cultures' said the Head of Cooperation of the Cyprus Settlement Support for the European Commission, Stefan Simosas at the opening of the event. “Languages are part of our identity and culture. Protecting them is important for a diverse connected world. So, let's celebrate languages, learn more of them, and keep our world rich and diverse. Learning each other’s language has brought generations of Cypriots closer together throughout history, so let us carry on with the tradition and invest in language learning as the most natural tool for reunifying this beautiful island and its people!” he said. The 2023 European Day of Languages Fair took place to showcase the language richness of the European Union and to encourage multilingualism. The event also served as a platform to promote the European Year of Skills, considering that speaking more than one language is essential in our interconnected world. The Fair’s programme included stands for each language, as part of the “Let’s Explore an EU Language” Education Series, along with a singing session led by a multilingual artist, and a puppet show, where families were able to explore European cultures and languages. The European Commission celebrates the European Day of Languages every year since 2001. For more information: [email protected]